Libre Workspace Version v0.6 🎉

Hello everyone!

I am happy to release version v0.6.0 today.


  • System mails can now be sent to more mail addresses, which can be configured in the advanced system configuration.
  • Libre Workspace now checks every 5 minutes if all services (configured in the web server caddy) are running properly. If not, a system mail is sent to the administrator.
  • When creating a new user, you can now choose to create a new linux user on the server itself. This user will be a member of the libre-workspace-users linux group and will be properly updated (and deleted). This can be used if, for example, you are installing an rdp server with desktops for different users. Other groups you can configure in the web interfaces are currently ignored for the corresponding linux user.
  • The Administrator user is now also listed in the user list. This can be useful if you want to add the Administrator to certain groups.
  • Added a help icon in the top right corner with useful links (when logged in as Administrator).
  • There’s now an “export system information” function for administrators, also located on the help icon. This allows you to upload your system information (passwords and secrets are removed) to a forum to get proper help with your setup. (For now: Make sure you have zip installed. This will come in v0.6.1 as a dependency of libre-workspace)
  • The “Libre Workspace Portal” button on the install page is now hidden if the install is still running, to avoid confusion.
  • After installing (uploading) an addon, you will be redirected to the modules page where you can activate and install the addon on your libre-workspace instance.
  • If there is no other user available, “Administrator” is automatically filled in on the login page. So new admins already know their username.
  • The “change password” link for “Administrator” will now redirect to the Ciritical system configuration, where the master password can be changed.
  • seahorse and gdebi are now automatically installed with xfce.
  • The documentation at has been updated with information on web server, routing and ssh. Have a look!

Also many more bugfixes where been made. You can see all changes here: Comparing v0.5.5...v0.6.0 · Jean28518/libre-workspace · GitHub



  • You can easily update Libre Workspace via the system management view, when you are logged in as an admin.

Fix Bug: Nextcloud is not detected as installed

Unfortunately in new installations of v0.5.5 the cfg file got generated with a small error. Because of this nextcloud is not be dected by the module system. To address this issue you have to manually adjust the cfg file. The procedure is shown in this video:

(You can save and exit in nano by Ctrl + O, Enter, Ctrl + X)

What do you think about the new version? Which features or changes do you want to see in libre workspace? Let me know it in this thread or on Github :slight_smile: